Danish architect Jorn Utzon in front of the Sydney Opera House during its construction. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)


Jørn Utzon, was a Danish architect born in Copenhagen in 1918, considered one of the best architects of the last century and mainly recognized for winning the Pritzker Prize in 2003. His most emblematic work is the Sydney Opera House project, in which he was inspired by the cutting of the skin of an orange to design the exterior, and by the movement of the sea waves for the ceiling of the interior of the opera, in which he achieved optimal acoustics. Before beginning its design, Utzon always took into account the characteristics of the place in which the building will be located. In his projects he went beyond architecture, developing forms that are the consequence of spiritual inspiration, he created a style of public and residential buildings with monumental features and adapted to the environment.

“Architecture is based on science as well as intuition, and if you want to be an architect you must have control of technology to be capable of developing your own ideas, and then demonstrate that the intuition is correct, to build your own dreams”. As Utzon explained in the previous quote, architecture is an art that relates science, intuition and creativity, you cannot create a quality project if you don’t know how to make a correct use of these domains, since both factors are equally important during the project development. Although architecture materializes through the construction process, it is only possible that the project is carried out correctly and with quality through the process of creativity and thought.