Related to the reflection I made previously about my environment, we have the work atmospheres by the famous architect Peter Zumthor. In my opinion, it is very interesting to be able to see architecture through a professional architect’s eyes, and this text is an amazing work that teaches the young ones that are studying architecture, or are interested in it, about it but from its own point of view. 

He expresses himself with an amazing clarity, explaining that architecture is very personal art in which each person has its own point of view about the things that surround them, buildings, monuments, paintings, etc. 

We all perceive our surroundings in different ways, some may be more similar, but they will never be completely the same. In fact, during the text Peter Zumthor makes a comparison of architecture with music, clarifying that it transmits a different sensation to each person.

On the other hand, during the text, he also talks about nine aspects that influence an architectural atmosphere: Body of architecture, Material Compatibility, the Sound of space, the Temperature of a space, the Surrounding objects, Between Composure and Seduction, the Tension between interior and exterior, the Levels of Intimacy, and finally the Light on things.

In conclusion, I agree with the ideas he explains during the text, those nine aspects about the atmosphere in architecture can’t only be seen through the eyes, it has to be felt with different emotions, impressions and sensations that each human being perceives in their own way.